Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fat rice.

Its the last Saturday for OCtober 2010. Its not like im going to do something out of the ordinary today.

Ordinary Saturday, with me eating my favourite nasi lemak in Shah Alam. I used to have it for breakfast on weekdays at my old office but now since i work in KL, saturday is my only chance to have it. They are close on Sundays. Seriously, the best nasi lemak i found here. Perfectly delicious for my taste buds. The rice is steamed just nice, and the sambal,the best part of the nasi lemak, is not sweet, like most of nasi lemak in Selangor, and the smell is sooooo hauntingly good. Credits to Indra for introducing me to the hot nasi lemak.

I never had enough of it.TERBAIK!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Its been a while since my last post.  Yup, I admit I am not a consistent blogger and I am sure the percentage of people reading my blog is less than 1% or might also be 0%.  It doesn’t really matter . I always keep my feelings inside especially the negative ones and I know it is not healthy. It can eat you up alive. So, one way for me to erase all the bad feelings inside of me is to blog. Its kind of a therapy to  me. *hope I didn’t sound like Im having mental illness*.nope.
It’s a bit on how ive been doing lately. Still has not finish ACCA and still not taking exam this semester. However, I have a new job and and yes im no longer working in IDS. This one is located in the heart of KL. If you are wondering why I chose to work in a stressful place, well me myself not sure. Its simpler to say it this way, I am bored with my previous job and  young people always  hunger for more  experience and exciting things, I switched job with hopes that the new workplace will be more exciting and fun which in the end I found out that, since my job scope is no different from the lst one, well nothing change drastically. Still doing the same thing but adapting is a lot easier because u’re no longer a freshie.  You are able to work indepently without your superior to guide you 100%. You’ll be surprised of how much you actually know. 
The company im working with is a very well known company in Malaysia.  But it isn’t the big name that attracts me but as I have said, I expect  more growing opportunity and better royalty of course.  Merely because, its not my dream job and for now I wanna gain experience as much as I can and surviving life with the money I have whilst waiting myself to finish ACCA which I don’t know when. (^.^).  Life gotta move on eventhough u r not in right track of ur life plan. A man got a family to take care of.  Wherever life drags u, it happens for a reason. Allah knows whats best for each one of us. You just plan and let Allah handles it. Believe me, u’ll be safe. Even the birds in the sky have no worries and why do you have to?
Enough for today. Hopefully there will be a lot of life talk from me with the easy internet access. Thanks to you, sis!
Logging out and back to work. oh yeah, did i mention, my boss is fierce and unpredictable like the weather. She can be bright and shiny in one second and suddenly dark and gloomy. but,its nothing like i cant handle. ;p

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Me again. :)

I want to throw away all the negativity in my life. I realised i responsed all the negativity surrounding me with negativity. When i hate the way people treating me i will treat them the same way they treated me so they will feel exactly what i felt. And this of course slowly changed myself to be that person i dislike. I wanna be me again. A happy go lucky girl who always think the good thing about people. To be less criticising and to be more understanding. Not to take things seriously and always think the good reasons for whatever that happens. To do things sincerely. Then, i will be less stressful and young forever. :). But one thing the most important thing in life is that never forget ur Creator. I always find peace in Him. Solat really helps when im in stress. The peace is undefinable.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am having training since Monday and it will goes on until next Monday. My company will be using a new system starting June 2010. Since I am doing GL(General ledger) so i am in the list for all days of training which will include Accounts Payable and Accounts receivable and other areas that contributes to the completion of the Financial Statement at the end of the day.

I am excited eventhough i expected it to be very boring. Excited because this is my first real job training and boring because i will listen to the trainer talking in front and therefore will involve a lot of yawning from me.

Gladly, the boring part is totally not as what as i expected. The training gives me a lot of useful input. Since i dont have a proper training since i joined the company, this training really gives me more picture of how this company works. :) Plus, this training also includes my superior and therefore one thing i learned, they are also having the trouble to understand some things just like me. i never thought that they will be asking questions same as mine. Well, of course that boosts up my confidence level in a way that, if you dont know, just ask. Moreover, i get to mingle around with them.

Today is the 3rd day and i hope the remaining days will be a mind opener to me. My brain seriously need to be refreshed of some accounting issue.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Syurga Di Bawah Kaki Ibu.

A mother serves her sugar with
A bit of peppermint
To clarify the passages
That carry what she meant
When she first set to bear a soul
Quite separate from her own,
Whom she would cherish, yet must teach
To live and die alone.

I miss my Mom very badly. *sobs*

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our so called Mini Family Day

Last Saturday Comforter Biru and I went out jalan-jalan as we always do every weekend. But this time its a bit different. he brought his 9 yrs old lil sister and i brought my sister and youngest brother along. I pictured it to be started at 10 am but instead Comforter Biru wanted to go in the evening. Well, i got pissed off and seriously i cried on my bed and refused to get up from the bed until it was like 3pm i think. I was wondering myself why i was so sad. yeah it seemed like a small matter but my heart was so hurted i didnt know why. I just got my period last week and i dont think its a Post Menstrual Syptom, not sure if that exist. Okay enough with the emotional part.

We had our movie, Iron Man 2. Great movie. The lil sister cant wait to go out. Well her brother said she is flexible, can watch any movie despite of her young age. yeah right. Hehehehehe. But before the movie started i bought myself a brown checkered bucket bag. Thats why i wanted to have our family day at the curve, i was looking for that bag. After the movie, we went to Ikea to have meatballs. been craving for it for so long. All of us had fun and that is including me i think, eventhough i kept telling Comforter Biru that it should have been better if we got there earlier.

In the end, he still trying his best to make me happy . Thats why the sparks never end.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Currently i am listening to "Dont Stop Believing" by Journey. A movie which is The Losers made me wanna listen to this song again and again. The scene was funny and unforgettable to me. :)  

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

IDS in supporting Earth Hour 2010

Go low carbon

Let's save mother earth for our future generations.

Alhamdulillah..Santut is still breathing after 24 yrs. :)

Happy Birthday Santut!!!!

Its her 24th birthday today. Officially a year older from me, numerically. *smirk*

"Hari ini lahirlah seorang wanita yang berjiwa kental"- santut, as she posted in her FB.

She's been reminding us since she came and live with us a month ago. But, we, especially me, keep on ignoring her. We have no time and budget, we told her. This morning we sang her the Happy Birthday song and we all apologized because we didnt organise anything for her and no prezzie some more. But, with a happy face she said "its okay, i understand". I guess a song from her friends is more than enough. But i dont think so. She will claim it later when i get my paycheck for this month or next month or next year. :) She will never stop. *hee..*

Duh! of course we have a plan for her! but a simple and small one. We liase with the potential boyfriend to ask her out tonight. While santut with him, the housemates and i will go to the tempat kejadian first to prepare all the things. If we are ready, then the potential boyfriend will bring her to the secret place with her eyes closed, not knowing we all are there. Pity her if she will be expecting a romantic candle light dinner or a private celebration with the potential boyfriend. The potential boyfriend already did his surprise at last night exactly at 12 am. So i am sure she wont mind. hehehehehe. *selfish conclusion*

Birthday surprise checklist:
    1. Fruit cake
    2. Pizza
    3. Drinks
    4. Floor Mat
    5. Eggs
    6. Flour

Item no 5 and 6 is to do extra make up for the birthday girl.

Thats the best we can do for you santut (for  this year).

Its from all of us, your cruel housemates, comforter biru, j and your potential boyfriend. 

 I wish you more blast birthday surprises for the years ahead and a bless and successful life of course.

Stay pretty and gorgeous babe!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest friend too, Khairul Asiah Othman. :)

p/s : to suey choco and zesty, i know this seems like a deja vu to you. shhhhhhhhhh. Thank God it is not copyright protected. :)

zesty : i am sorry i cant join u girls. Honestly, i miss all of you supermuch and im so sad i cant join u girls. Happy Birthday Suey and jo in advance!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am reconsidering whether to take P4 exam this June.

Monday, March 22, 2010

LT vs ST

There are a lot of things come across my mind. One after another keeps coming into my head and i got it all mixed up.

About now.
My future.
My wants.
My needs.
Where i want to be.
Where i am suppose to be.
...Dan banyak lagi.

My mind, its a complete shambles. 


Im having mixed feeling right now.




Faith (jgn lupa).

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I wish it will never ends.

I dont want to leave.

I want to be with you forever.


Super Show 2.

Last night went to Super Show 2.

Super Junior concert.

FYI, i am one of their fans, E.L.F. I cant believe i said this.

Thanks to my sister.

My favourite, Hee Chul the devil.

I love them all.

I love their cuteness very much.

The Weekend

Its Sunday and im not really at home.

Im at a  friends house and been staying here for the weekend. Her place is not that far from mine but she is alone for the weekend and she needs company or to be more precise i volunteered to keep her company for the weekend. She's a very close friend of mine actually,as in very very super close to my heart. :)

I brought some dirty stuff from my place so i can get it clean since she got the facilities here in her house which i dont, apparently. I got my comforter biru and my towel. Well, washing a big comforter is very tiring you know. :) Glad i came. I can let the washing machine spinning and do the work while i sit here, blogging,

She is still sleeping and i kinda dont know what to do. Not so much option in her kitchen that i can make for breakfast except for the eggs that filled her fridge. I wanted to help her do the house cleaning as i promised her but its kinda lonely. I think it will be more fun if she is awake. I dont want her to help me but it is better if i have someone to talk to while im cleaning the house. I wont realise im doing the house chores. It will be more like lepaking and chit-chatting...hehehehe. I just have to wait for her to wake up then. Then i can start doing the cleaning and I can ask her to buy some groceries for brunch.

I cant wait to go back home and enjoy the night sleeping with my comforter biru.

But i want to enjoy today and i hope the clock is ticking a bit slow today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bibiboy son of Bibi.

     The heart of my family.

Just finish his baby bath

4 days old

I love him so much!!!! Cant wait to hug him. Im going to kiss you baby when you got here. Muah!!!


Another wish come true.

Going to watch My Name Is Khan tonight with lulubelle.

Yup kami mmg peminat Shah Rukh Khan sejati.

Straight from the heart.

I cry alone in the dark.
My heart aches
the pain is hard
its stabbing me inside
so I hug myself tight

Silently i wipe the tears away.
i close my eyes
hoping to have a dream
a dream of lullaby
so i can sleep through the night

but the pain keep stabbing hard
i have to hug me tight
silently, i wipe my tears away
and so i say

I will keep everything to myself even it eats me up alive.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Teach me on how to be a good friend.

My name is Khan.

I really wanna watch this. My favourite Hindustan hero of all time, Shah Rukh Khan and his best film partner ever, Kajol. I think i want to go watch it tomorrow, maybe alone or with lulubelle.

Another boring day at work.

As i said over and over again, i have no work at the office, my working place. Then, this is what i do, lurking around my office begging(exxagarating a bit) for some work from my colleagues and a great appreciation to Indra and Aini to entitle me as the Letters Opener of the Day.

Me table at the moment

I open the letters, segregate it accordingly and stamp it,'RECEIVED'. At least i dont just look at the monitor and keep wondering why the heck the clock is so slow. Its 11:38 am and about 1 hour to lunch break. Going out with santut for lunch. Still thinking what will i have for lunch. Orange juice again or make an exception for today.
O'oh.My stomach is sending the wrong signal to my brain. Brain, please make a very2 smart decision or later the heart will aches after the stomach got what she wants.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Just got back from dinner with my boo.

One thing i love about him, he is always a good listener.

I love you.


I won 4 party tickets to Fly club. i am not sure if im going or not because lulubelle is going to Johor this weekend.  I really thought i can go with them.  Ill just give the tix to someone else then. :)

The Blindside

Its my lunch break and im having a glass of orange juice and facebooking. Facebook is no more fun to me during lunch hour because i cant play Restaurant city. Now, i dont know what to play. Glad i have this blog.

Im downloading a movie played by Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side. I accidentally found it and it looks interesting. Cant wait to watch it. I hope i wont be sack because of downloading entertainment thingy using company's resources. ;p

May a kilo leads to 10 kilos more.

I dropped a kilo! After one week diet. I didnt expect this. To be frank, I ate rice a few times last week which i was not supposed to but in a small portion. However,this is good. Going to keep on diet and to be more discipline. I am weak when it comes to rice, but i will fight harder not to eat it.

I officially declares war with the side of me that likes to eat rice so excessively. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Please know your limit.

Sometimes i just dont understand why some people cant try to be understanding. Cant you for a while think and put yourself in others' shoes? I can be understanding but why cant you?

Again i wonder, dont you know where you stand? can you stay out of my business. I have the right and let me do it my way. Its mine and you dont even ask me first.

Im trying not too be hard on you but you crossed the line everytime i was so lenient to you. I dont want to be a bad person to you. Help me not too.

Please understand me and i will understand you.

Oh Alice!

Going to watch Alice In Wonderland Today with the bf. Santut are sooooo going to explode if she knows this. I really hope she will not  read this. But i will watch with you guys again, pretending i havent watch it of course. Like filly always said, what santut doesnt know wont hurt Santut. But if you reading this, santut ill watch it with you guys, i will. :)

Johnny Depp is the solely reason why i want to watch this. Oh my Johnny!

Saturday Night

Last night we had fun. Me and the housemates went to Subang and tried the shisha at shisha freak as suggested by Mr T. Yup the taste is much better than the one in Shah Alam. Thought eiman would not be around but he came with his brother and so the teka teki session was on for the night.Lepaking there till 2 in the morning and then we went straight home.

next quest..still looking for the best shisha in town.

Btw, santie made her own sup ayam kangkang and its delicious but i guess the kangkang part is not working. So much for the hard work (i mean the kangkang part ). :P

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Lady with a golden ring and the red thing

This morning, while i was at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to go to the office, i saw this lady.Quite pretty. and cute. When i looked at her, i wondered to myself, when will i get those things on her fingers. the red thing and the gold one. I looked at her feet, confirmed. yup. she has something that i dont. When will my time be. I envy her. I envy my sister. I envy all married women in this world.

I want it so much. I want to see that red thing on my fingers too. I dont want that water proof red nail polish. I want Malay red nail polish :). I want a ring on my hand and i meant no ordinary ring. I want it so badly at this moment but yet i am not ready, nor do him. not ready in all aspects except for ehem2. :p oops,tiba2 saya gatal.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tv di rumah rosak. harap2 balik ni, miracle happens and tv bole on suda. semalam ndak da bt apa. main kartu with my adik2. tapi maybe ada hikmahnya tv rosak, boleh study. tapi boring la ndak da tv. Harap2 tv ok. if not have to spend some money to repair the tv.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day One of Dont.Imagine.Eating.This

Day 1 of my 3 months diet. I was walking to my office and suddenly i saw the nasi lemak stall which used to be at the other side of the road have just moved to the other side which is just along the road where i take everyday to the office. Dugaan. You would say, just walk pass  through it and dont even look at it. well, you see, the more i try to ignore it the more i think about it. But, day one, i walked like i never see the stall.

I decided to do my hardcore diet because serious shit i really need to lose 8kg. I gained 4kg in less than 2 mths. kerana nafsu badan binasa. i have tried all kind of so called the right way in losing weight such as balance diet la, skip dinner diet la, must take rice once diet la..but none works. because i was defeated by my own desire. so, i decided by not eating at all is the best way. but not that im not eating at all because if i dont eat for sure i will die. HAHAHAHA. For now,I will try to eat less rice and eat as little as possible.

My hardcore diet in my own interpretation are as below.

-I can have as heavy as i like but ....
a) nasi lemak-once a week

Lunch :
- Milo (no sugar)
- high fiber biscuits(1 packet)

Dinner :
- Milo (no sugar)
- high fiber biscuits(1 packet)
- must be taken before 8
- no rice

Im still looking for a variation of diet menu so i wont get bored eating the same thing everyday. If you have any suggestion, please3x share with me.

Thats it for now. We'll see how far this diet will go.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Almost five. Almost end of working hours. I got headache today. Still. It makes my eyes tired. I don’t know if it is because of contact lenses. I don’t think so. Hope so not. I think ill take a nap when I get home. Im waiting for the time to go back home. Sharp at 5. J

Owh..look at the clock, its 5.05pm already. Time to pack all my things and Im ready to go. J punctuality is important when it comes to the end of the working day. Heh!

Tonight will be out with the girls. Lepak minum, shisa-ing (maybe in my part) and will be meeting a new friend from santut’s campus. We’re kinda menemankan santut saja but in the same making friends.

Proud to be a Palermo..Yes me do!!

Finally, i found it. Got something to d with my setting. I dont remember of changing my settings. But, at least now i know how to fix it if its occur again.

Here is the picture that i wanted to upload just now.

Proud to be a Palermo

Yerp. Those are my cousins. What is Palermo without a litlle bit of vandalism. HAHAHA.. shhhh..dont tell anyone. they just cant stand how proud they are to be a Palermo. Me included.

Although our family is scatterred all over Malaysia (can i include those in the Phillipines?), but Palermo keeps us together.

No title.

Just finish having "wan tan hor" + Fried egg for lunch while stalking other peoples blog randomly. I came across some music and hip hop blogs, an ex washington realist and palestinians blogs and a few more.It were a mind opener. Interesting tho. I think i enjoy reading other people's blog more than writing my own. Apparently its true.

I was going to upload a picture when i realised where is my tool bar? its gone. it seems i have to solve this because i like to put pictures in my blog since i dont write much. where is it? *sigh*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Im talking to myself.

Back at my working desk. Majority of my colleagues still on leave for Chinese New Year. The silence is killing me. sunyi sepi. its obvious that the chinese forms majority of the office.

its lunch time and i didnt have my lunch. a'a *buzzer tone,shooking head*.not on diet. but i dont know what to eat. so i decided to had facebook for my lunch. not that satisfying. my stomach still grumbling.
My head is empty half way through the day. Seriously, i have no work to do. so i help my friend to key-in invoices. what am i doing here? cant wait to finish ACCA and do the job that i really want. for now, i just do the job so i can have monthly income. I work for money. hahahah..Obviously, im not enjoying my work. im enjoying the money. At least there is still a reason for me to be here.

I cant focus when i have other things in my mind. For instance, my current job la. I rewwwly want to be in the audit firm and i dont really serious in what i do now. this is not good. have to do something to motivate myself. I have to give 100% in what i do. I MUST. WAKE UP. I MUST GIVE MY BEST IN NO MATTER WHAT I DO. semangat.semangat.semangat.

ok.sekarang perasaan di dada suda berkobar. now pun already past my lunch hour. Back to work honey.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Its been a year of me blogging and yes i am not that active. I think i wrote less than 20 posts last year. Not that i will write more this year. heh! :)
The reason why i started blogging at the first place was because i wanted it to be my personal journal. I am a person who keep everything, almost , inside me and most of them are not so good. I realised that all the negative things that i keep inside of me will eventually become flesh and that is seriously not healthy. That's why i created this blog. I want to throw everything here. I can scream(literally) and just let it go here without hurting the person involved. well, sometimes there are things that i cant stand with someone i know and i dont want to hurt them. some of us were born brave to have the guts to be straight forward even it hurts others and even if its true. But unfortunately, i am not. I always put myself in their shoes. That is one of my weaknesses in life and im trying to make it my strength.
However,this blog is not all about negativity. Of course, i will write the happy things that happens in my life and whatever i have encountered in life, provided i am in the mood for writing. Life is a learning process that will never stop. I am grateful for all the hardship in life because it makes me stronger and a better person. :)
Its like im starting my blog all over again. :P
Latest update:
I moved to a new place. Im renting a house with my sister and my 16 yrs old brother,not forgetting santut and lulubelle. im still working at IDS as an accounts exec(boring) and still havent finish ACCA but im going to take the last exam this semester. Hopefully i will pass so i can switch job to be in the audit firm. I reeeewwwllyy want to. my comforter-biru works just one blocks away from me, but he is waiting for Toyota. He already got the offer but subjected to his medical report. My big brother got married last month and my second sister will give birth anytime.*super excited*.Muhammad Amirul Hafzan,what a beautiful name. I pray that she will give birth easily and everything will be fine.
Its Chinese New Year Holidae and only four days off but i want mooooore. Four days arent enough. I want more. Tomorrow is last day...URRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Why cant i just stay at home and enjoy the laziness....???!!! because money doesnt fall from the sky..heeeeeeeeeeee. :D. Hard work baby(self motivation).
Love my life and God, make me a better person.