Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tutor for a night.

im going to spend the whole night at McD. Mr Muscle needs my help for his exam tomorrow. he wants me to be his tutor. since i have nothing else to do, then why not. im going there with ecah and lulubelle.

im going to study my p7 tonight too. i hope my brain will absorb effectively and efficiently most of my p7 text book tonight. HOPE SO. wish me the best.

UPDATED : 29 Apr 09, 6.57 am.

Just got back. im so sleepy but i have to copy 'chuck' to the lappy first because S wont be spending the weekend here and she's going to bring her hard disk along. without the hard disk, then the lappy will be less fun. i need 'chuck' (chuck bartowski, not chuck bass for this moment). 8 episodes would be enough till S get back.

mr muscle tutoring

the tutor went well but just a little bit different. it turned out that as if i was the student and he was the tutor. my tutor session was very easy. all i have to do was saying 'ya','uhuh', 'betul', 'nope', 'huh?' and of course a little explanation when he got it wrong. he had his own way of tutor session. he did a few questions. then, he explained it to me one by one how he got it while i listened. its okay for me as long as he can understand what he was doing and i am very glad he is.that was the easiest tutoring i have ever had. GOOD LUCK, Mr Muscle (^_^).
break time
oh ya, p7 mission was succesfully accomplished.

now: SLEEP.


im officially merdeka yesterday. trial exam is over but obviously the grand finale is yet to come. final exam is a true war but trial exam was just a battle of the inside me. i'd wished i dont want to do the trial exam. but thank God i did. i dont know why im not into trial exam this semester. hmmmmm....i didnt do one question each in p3 and p7.

i was so sleepy when i was doing my p3 trial. seriously, i never felt so sleepy in my exam before. despite of all the effort to keep my eyes wide open, i slept but only for about 10 minutes i guess. i was thinking to leave the exam hall after i did the first question but then this flash came to me " i got the lowest mark, not even 20 and dr indra was announcing it in the class"...no,no..i cant take that. thanks for that i stayed and i did the other 2.

well, maybe im not in the mood for study already. MAYBE. but i know that shouldnt be my excuse for neglecting my study. i have to finish what i have started. i used to be so motivated when it comes to my study. i dont know where the soul had gone to. i want to slap myself . i have to hold on. by end of this semester, ill be somewhere else. for now, i have to give my 300%. i must. i must pass all my exams this time. MUST.

again..blogging soothed me.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

insensitive boyfriend?

sabah version.

suatu hari..sa dan bf sa pigi dating.

dipendekkan cerita..disebabkan haus, kami beli red bull, air mineral besar n teh susu 3 in 1 boh (my fav). pastu kami p luar shopping mall jap coz dia mau fogging kajap. so dia pun suru sa pegang itu plastik brg tu sebab dia mau berfogging kan. suda la ndak da tmpt duduk time tu.

suda dia kasi api tu fogging stick, dlm hati sa " aduh, berat jgk plastik ni kan".

right at that time, dia ckp sambil kasi hulur tgn"mintak".

sa pun trus bg la tu plastik.sa pun pnya main hepi, "dr tadi sa tgu ko mintak ni plastik, mau tgok if ko kesian sma sa bwk ni plastik berat (berat sgt la kunun)" .

trus tau apa dia blg sambil senyum2? "sebenarnya, saya mintak tu red bull jak ba..mau minum..hihihi".

aduh, kecewa. sungguh ndak sensitive bfku. ndak habis lagi ni cerita. pastu, dia suruh sa pegang tu plastik coz dia mau buka tu red bull.

sa dgn sedih ambil la itu plastik balik. "mcm mana la bf ku ni. instead u ask me to hold the things, kan lg bgus suruh sa buka itu tin. ringan lagi".

"hahahahahaha..." ketawa la kami sama2.

nasib sa syg dia.
bukan insensitive, tp terlupa.
lgpun, small matter jak.
but of course in the end dia yg bawa itu brg.

i heart him very strong.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


gladly, i finished 2 chapters tonight and i still have 10 chapters (i think) to go. rilek2...habis jgk baca tu (mmg positive thinker btul kan). i finished my reading at 3 o'clock but the bed wasnt my first option.

its 5:25 a.m n im still awake ( the power of 2 packets of 3 in 1 pearl kacip fatimah ).

i came across another GOSSIP GIRL photos, B and Chuck. they are my best-liked characters.

those photos are as colourful as this one ( posted this on April 17th)...
maybe it was a christmas photoshoot..
and yes i insist to upload all of it it here.

more photos on blair waldorf and the hot and sexy chuck bass.

and the others, except for little J and Vanessa..

I love CHUCK BASS!! who can resist him..? obviously not me.

well yep!!
im addicted to GOSSIP GIRL.
u will see more of GG photos in my blog.
im very terribly sorry if u r suffering while im not...hihihi.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Introducing Manukan Island, Sabah..

Look at the amazing and beautiful sceneries of the island..

SPEECHLESS. no words needed to tell you the beauty of Manukan Island. ini baru the jetty.
i am planning for a trip to SABAH with a few friends. bawa kawan2 jalan ke tempat asalku. tp proposal tak bt lg. but hopefully evrything will work la. cant wait. **wink2**.

Monday, April 20, 2009

the truth on life jacket

what is the purpose of a life jacket when you are on the plane?

i had a motivational talk today held by SK and part of it, he shared the story on the life jacket.

He worked as an aircraft crew before. the job was sort of to deliver old aircrafts to Tawau, i dont really know what the job exactly is but anyway...once, when he was assigned to deliver the aircraft, he found that there were only 3 life jackets on a plane of 8 people. He asked the pilot why they were only 3 life jackets.

the pilot asked him back "What is the purpose pf a life jacket?"
at that point, he answered "as a safety when the plan crashes".
pilot : crashes on what?
SK : crashes on the ocean.

pilot : then 3 life jackets (LJ) are enough for the 8 of us. 1 LJ will be shared between me and the co-pilot, and the other 2 will be shared between the remaining 6. we will hold the life jacket until we reach at the bottom of the sea and and release the life jacket. eventually, the life jacket will float and the rescuers will easily know where our remains are and so they can inform our family.that is how the life jacket works.

hahahahahahaha...scary but hillarious isnt it.

i was really enjoying the talk. here are some input of what i gained today :

1. SK = Shamsuddin Kadir
when you are nobody, your name will be longer. but when you are somebody, your name will be shorter, its enough.

2. GARUDA = Good And Reliable Until Delay Announced.
MAS = Mana Ada Sistem.

but what really motivated me was :

1. if we want to succeed, we have to do something that we are not comfortable to do of. its true. we have to overcome our fear.

2. aim to be the PRIME MINISTER. if we dont get to touch the sky, at least we get to touch the clouds.

3. know your potential. ask your friends. they can see what you are good at.

4. think outside the box.
"there was this one student. he cannot make the balance sheet balanced of $3. at the end of the exam, he took out $3 and said "take the $3 and that will balance it".

5. what u read is what you are. avoid to read books or mag that will bring negative effect on you.


i AM very inspired an motivated. he ended the talk with the song Gemuruh by Faizal Tahir. dah lah i am a fan of Faizal Tahir and the song pun mmg memberi smgt, bertambah berkobar2 semangat di dada as i walked out from the class. :P

p/s : click here if u want to visit SK's website.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my favourite part of the week.

the WEEKENDs!!!

unfortunately, with limited hours allocated to pleasure and priority to my study, im having not very much enjoyable weekend this week (unless to some who really loves to study, must be VERY enjoyable of course). my trial exam will starts on the 23rd. still have a lot more to cover. but as for me, sometimes or should i say most of the time i lost track of what my priorities are.

but for now..the priorities are :

1. khatam P7.
2. 5pm - swimming.

1. study for P3 the whole day.
2. 2pm - swimming.

looks very simple but i know i will be struggling, VERY HARD. struggling to fight my own will and dedicating myself totally to the books this weekend.

prayer : please make me strong and avoid me from any temptation that will drift me far far away. ( i have 'he's just no that into you' in my mind already' **sweats**)

as to all of you, whatever you will be doing this weekend....have fun n God bless. (^_^).


I was looking for another Gossip Girl picture, instead i found this one. im not a fan of s n the lonely guy. im so crazy into the playboy and the drama queen, chuck n b. but this pic is sooooooooo full of colour!!! it makes me happy. it cheers me up. look at her cute face and i love the RED balls. so very RED.

well to be honest im in a mix of emotions today. firstly, i think im feeling homesick. I miss my sisters and my family. i want to go home. i want to be with them.i miss them so so much up to the point im thinking of working there in the next six months. well, doing that, then all my plans for life will be delayed. gladly, i always have someone to remind me of what ive been fighting for all these years of my life. to hold me here and him who keep supporting me. assuring me that one day i will be with my family again. A little more patience and God's willing, dreams will come true. Live and Learn.

the next thing is i miss my bestfriends. the wild child, the confident seniorita, the self-preserved lady, the small-outside-matured-inside baby, and the chinese amoy. hmmmm...i dont know (we all dont know) when the reunion will be. but it seems so far away to me. well, everyone has a life. life that may take us away from each other or the other way round. friends are irreplaceable. moments shared are forever unforgettable. that one thing that will never change. Live and learn again my friend.

im feeling so miserableguiltysoooooooooooolazyyetdontwanttofail. current status of my revision : 5%. like i said before, selalu ada kesedaran tapi tak pandai berubah. hmmmmmmmmmmm.....whats the use of complaining. right? Keep living and never stop learning. Daisy, come and pukul my p****t (maybe offensive to some ppl). motivation to myself : dont worry. u can start again. its not too late. ** eyes wide open, chest up** and im going to study!!!! P7, here i come!!!!

wow!! surprisingly blogging helps me to sort things out for myself.

and i cant stop smiling when i see the colourful pic. im overwhelmed right now.

one last thing, im happy to have those im with now. lulubelle, eycha and my cute lil manja sisters, the others.

everyone is keep splashing colours to my life and..

definitely, more colours in the future.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Do u have any idea what drink is this?

thats LULU favourite and she's been craving it for a year and still do.
the taste, its creamy and not too sweet (ngam2 urang bilang).
AVOCADO JUICE is what that is.
so far..we cant find the place that sells the drink here in kl,selangor,klang. still searching. Melaka got.
so anyone who knows where the place i can get it here..roger2 k.
ur help is very much appreciated.

updates 9 apr : alpokat is what they call it here. thanx to sue!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tri Parsanti bte Sujano

when its Friday, i used to..

..spent the weekend at the Best friend's (santie dear) place..

..at 6 something in the evening, after shower, we did our make up..

..dressed up..

..got into the car..

..and the ladies nite outie has just begun!!

..went to the cinema and paid RM5 (student price)for the ticket..

..then, lepak minum at waterfront kk or..

enjoying the ocean breeze of tg aru beach..

..sambil makan kacang rebus.. her favourite..

..when we got home,she surfed the net..

and we watched tv till 5 am....

..and slept till 12 noon.

i miss those days and I MISS her very strong too!!

she is one of my besties. when we spent the night together, we dont really go to the crowds. we just like to relax and enjoy the sunset view and the night (and flirt of course). its different when im with the other bestie, daisy. well...shes more into music and dancing. (^_^)

owh..i miss all my friends.

credits (pics) :

1. James Schwarz (flickr)
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seven things about me.

etsy: Preciouspatterns

i found the list on the englishmuse post and here are the list about me.

1. Top on my list...i always worry about my weight. it is always my BIG issue.
this is what is always happens to me.i eat and i gained a kg. ill freaked out, then ill not eat for a few days (smpi bila btahan la) and ill drop a kg or two. then i eat again, ill gain another two. the process will continue until i dont know when. the rest of my life? hmmmm..but now im trying to balance it. eat and sweat. sweat as in workout. then i can eat whatever i want.

2. i always skip classes. no further comment on that.

3. im from Tawau,sabah.
miss my hometown very much. the smell, the pasar mlm, the food..my family and old friends of course.

4. my current addiction is to look for beautiful and amazing pictures.
im like "wow!" and wonder how they can come up with these lovely pictures. i never found creative in any part of me and thats why i really admire these people.

5. im pinay (filipino girl).pure blood. i miss the atmosphere when everyone is talking filipinos. i envy my cousins and friends who can speak filipino.but my parents dont really speak filipino with us everyday, bahasa melayu 95% of the time. i can understand my mother tongue but i speak filipino very badly.

6. i like to eat telur. telur dadar, telur mata sapi, telur hancur and telur rebus. sure it will be in the menu when i see it.

7. i sleep with my blue blanket and my little bantal busuk (not really busuk coz ill wash it when the smell gets even more wangi till u cant take it nemore..hehehe).

its not easy u know to come up with my seven.

i tagged this to :
  1. boxersbatik
  2. abahslittlegirl
  3. luckisaround
  4. kukukakikumalu
  5. harimauwithoutthebelang
  6. kay
Happy Listing!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dive into ur books, ppL!!!

"dive into your books", thats what my p3 lecturer told in the class yesterday. i never go scuba diving or sky diving or lighthouse diving (pic) before, but im sure it will be so much fun. but book diving? Fun? ill break a record. sleep and dive.diving deeply into my dream in the end. Trial exam is just in 2 weeks. seriously, there are so much that i havent read. slalu ada kesedaran, tp tak berubah jgk. huhuhu.
she's been trying very hard for us. A huge thanks to her. she gave us very2 sufficient notes to read, but we did not read. She said we must do 300% effort, 100% comes from her and we have to do it for the other 200%. but as far as i can see for myself, i think half 50% pun i tak smpi lg. hmmmmm..................ok2. i read 2 chapters of her slides tonight k. PROMISE.

writing this post made me nervous and scared.
and here i am writing.
OK..im going back.

my old blog

well..this is my second blog actually.
something wrong with the previous blog and i dont know how to fix it.
if u want to read my previous post its learnurlife.blogspot.com.