Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Paradigm Shift (as in Anjakan Paradigma?)

Ive been thinking lately. My life is kinda ordinary now. Well, that is what im feeling right now. Its not that im unhappy about it. Its just i need a change. I need to improve myself. I want to do something. But i dont know what that something is. Ive been browsing through facebook, intagram and what not , and i see women especially mothers are doing something great like baking. But I dont have that magic hand. Magic hands means whatever you cook always turns out delicious. Hijab entrepeneur? I'd like to but.... i dont know. gahhhh!! see. I dont know what to do. I want to do something outside my comfort zone but i dont know. maybe i should eliminate those excuses first.** Think positive Reina. U can do it.** 

Ive been thinking on doing something related to sewing. One of my flaw is, MAJOR FLAW, i always excited when i want to do something but it always ended halfway. Its not that i havent been to sewing classes. I did but my baju kurung moden still in pieces. I didnt get the chance to sew it together because ..oh well..because i was pregnant at that time.**another excuse?**sigh.

I think i know what i need to improve. Its obviously myself. I need to discipline myself first. 

Ok let me list down my MAJOR FLAWS. Maybe you can list down yours too.

Reina's MAJOR FLAW : 
  1. Procrastinate A LOT
  2. Hot Hot Chicken Shit (I hope u get what i mean)
Lets focus on these two things first.

PROCRASTINATION . Obviously comforterbiru sees that in me. HOT HOT CHICKEN SHIT. I think its directly related to no 1. If i can beat these then i think i can achieve more to do lists. The biggest challenge is myself.  Then what should i do to overcome these?

ACTION 1 : Get An Organizer.
I used to have an organizer during my study days. It helps me to keep track of things i want to do and also helps me to make sure things are done eventhough I finished 3 out 5 to do list for a day. But eventually ill get it all done.

Yeah.. I should buy one. But its almost 2014. Wont it be a waste if i buy the 2013 organiser. **another excuses**. Haha. No. Why need to buy if i can do it myself right? 

Good Luck to me and then I will continue on what to do next!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Me, my husband and Adam.

Hi. Wow. My last post was on December 2011. Its been almost 2 years i stop blogging. A lot of things happenned in my life for sure.
Quick updates :
1. Yup. Im married to the love of my life, to my comforterbiru. A year ago.
The Akad Nikah Ceremony 09th June 2012
Bersanding on the same day

These are a few pictures from my wedding

2. The best thing happened in both our lives. ADAM MIKAEL. Born on 18th March 2013. Its truly a bless.
1 Day old
6 days old
bonding with abah
1mth and 26 days
our sweetheart
Thats two major thing happened in my life. Others are stilll the same. Im still working at the same place but moved to a different team. ACCA still stuck at paper P5. Nevertheless, i am happy and grateful that im still able to blog again. I think i might blog more about Adam and lots of Adam's pictures.*mak mak sangat*.
Why do i blog again after so long?
Well, all of a sudden, tonight i felt like reading my blog . I wanted to know, how was I back then. and after reading post by post, the urge of blogging came to me. I am glad I didnt delete this blog. Till then, Fish out!