Friday, February 19, 2010

Almost five. Almost end of working hours. I got headache today. Still. It makes my eyes tired. I don’t know if it is because of contact lenses. I don’t think so. Hope so not. I think ill take a nap when I get home. Im waiting for the time to go back home. Sharp at 5. J

Owh..look at the clock, its 5.05pm already. Time to pack all my things and Im ready to go. J punctuality is important when it comes to the end of the working day. Heh!

Tonight will be out with the girls. Lepak minum, shisa-ing (maybe in my part) and will be meeting a new friend from santut’s campus. We’re kinda menemankan santut saja but in the same making friends.

Proud to be a Palermo..Yes me do!!

Finally, i found it. Got something to d with my setting. I dont remember of changing my settings. But, at least now i know how to fix it if its occur again.

Here is the picture that i wanted to upload just now.

Proud to be a Palermo

Yerp. Those are my cousins. What is Palermo without a litlle bit of vandalism. HAHAHA.. shhhh..dont tell anyone. they just cant stand how proud they are to be a Palermo. Me included.

Although our family is scatterred all over Malaysia (can i include those in the Phillipines?), but Palermo keeps us together.

No title.

Just finish having "wan tan hor" + Fried egg for lunch while stalking other peoples blog randomly. I came across some music and hip hop blogs, an ex washington realist and palestinians blogs and a few more.It were a mind opener. Interesting tho. I think i enjoy reading other people's blog more than writing my own. Apparently its true.

I was going to upload a picture when i realised where is my tool bar? its gone. it seems i have to solve this because i like to put pictures in my blog since i dont write much. where is it? *sigh*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Im talking to myself.

Back at my working desk. Majority of my colleagues still on leave for Chinese New Year. The silence is killing me. sunyi sepi. its obvious that the chinese forms majority of the office.

its lunch time and i didnt have my lunch. a'a *buzzer tone,shooking head*.not on diet. but i dont know what to eat. so i decided to had facebook for my lunch. not that satisfying. my stomach still grumbling.
My head is empty half way through the day. Seriously, i have no work to do. so i help my friend to key-in invoices. what am i doing here? cant wait to finish ACCA and do the job that i really want. for now, i just do the job so i can have monthly income. I work for money. hahahah..Obviously, im not enjoying my work. im enjoying the money. At least there is still a reason for me to be here.

I cant focus when i have other things in my mind. For instance, my current job la. I rewwwly want to be in the audit firm and i dont really serious in what i do now. this is not good. have to do something to motivate myself. I have to give 100% in what i do. I MUST. WAKE UP. I MUST GIVE MY BEST IN NO MATTER WHAT I DO. semangat.semangat.semangat.

ok.sekarang perasaan di dada suda berkobar. now pun already past my lunch hour. Back to work honey.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Its been a year of me blogging and yes i am not that active. I think i wrote less than 20 posts last year. Not that i will write more this year. heh! :)
The reason why i started blogging at the first place was because i wanted it to be my personal journal. I am a person who keep everything, almost , inside me and most of them are not so good. I realised that all the negative things that i keep inside of me will eventually become flesh and that is seriously not healthy. That's why i created this blog. I want to throw everything here. I can scream(literally) and just let it go here without hurting the person involved. well, sometimes there are things that i cant stand with someone i know and i dont want to hurt them. some of us were born brave to have the guts to be straight forward even it hurts others and even if its true. But unfortunately, i am not. I always put myself in their shoes. That is one of my weaknesses in life and im trying to make it my strength.
However,this blog is not all about negativity. Of course, i will write the happy things that happens in my life and whatever i have encountered in life, provided i am in the mood for writing. Life is a learning process that will never stop. I am grateful for all the hardship in life because it makes me stronger and a better person. :)
Its like im starting my blog all over again. :P
Latest update:
I moved to a new place. Im renting a house with my sister and my 16 yrs old brother,not forgetting santut and lulubelle. im still working at IDS as an accounts exec(boring) and still havent finish ACCA but im going to take the last exam this semester. Hopefully i will pass so i can switch job to be in the audit firm. I reeeewwwllyy want to. my comforter-biru works just one blocks away from me, but he is waiting for Toyota. He already got the offer but subjected to his medical report. My big brother got married last month and my second sister will give birth anytime.*super excited*.Muhammad Amirul Hafzan,what a beautiful name. I pray that she will give birth easily and everything will be fine.
Its Chinese New Year Holidae and only four days off but i want mooooore. Four days arent enough. I want more. Tomorrow is last day...URRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Why cant i just stay at home and enjoy the laziness....???!!! because money doesnt fall from the sky..heeeeeeeeeeee. :D. Hard work baby(self motivation).
Love my life and God, make me a better person.