Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Iri Hati dan Hasad dengki

"Dan janganlah kamu iri hati terhadap apa yang dikurniakan Allah kepada sebahagian kamu lebih banyak dari sebahagian yang lain. (Kerana) bagi orang lelaki ada bahagian dari pada apa yang mereka usahakan, dan bagi para wanita (pun) ada bahagian dari apa yang mereka usahakan, dan mohonlah kepada Allah sebagian dari kurnia-Nya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui segala sesuatu" (An-Nisa' : 32)

Umumnya semua kita punya sifat ini, cuma bergantung kepada kekuatan diri untuk mengawalnya. Ada yang tidak mempedulikannya. Ada yang mengikutinya hingga menggadaikan maruah diri dan orang sekitarnya. Kita seringkali lupa bagaimana Allah mendidik kita supaya sentiasa meminta kepadaNya.
Tentulah Allah lebih tahu apa yang ingin dipinta kerana sifatNya yang maha mengetahui. Namun kita tetap disuruh meminta untuk menunjukkan pegabdian diri kepada Allah selaku pencipta yang tahu kebaikan untuk ciptaanNya. Jika kita tidak meminta, hanya kitalah yang rugi dan kecewa.

Akibatnya kita akan menyalahkan kelemahan diri kerana sikap pesimis (rendah hati) yang keterlaluan dan menurunkan keazaman untuk terus berjaya. Jika kita benar beriman, pastinya Allah menguji kita tanda Dia sedang melihat keazaman kita menerima takdir dan kekuasaanNya sebagai penentu segala-galanya. Yakinlah dengan setiap doa yang dipinta. Bersangka baiklah dengan Allah.

Iri Hati Itu Boleh.
Irihati tu boleh, jika kita iri hati melihat orang lain lebih banyak ibadahnya dari kita. Jika kita lihat orang lain lebih baik amalannya dari kita. Jika kita lihat orang lain lebih rajin dari kita. Seterusnya menaikkan semangat kita untuk melakukan seperti mereka.
Berazam untuk beribadah, beramal dan bekerja dengan lebih. Melebihi orang lain, ini iri hati yang baik. Iri hatilah kepada para ilmuan Islam yang telah banyak menyumbangkan buah fikiran dan gerak kerja Dakwah yang belum mampu kita laksanakan.

Iri Hati Bertukar Hasad Dengki dan Mendengki.
Hasad dengki muncul akibat bisikan syaitan yang menghembus ke benak hati untuk melakukan sesuatu kezaliman orang lain, menggunakan cara kotor untuk menjatuhkan orang dan berasa puas dengan taktik tersebut. Inilah yang minta dilindungi kepada Allah dari perasaan manusia yang hatinya busuk dan sentiasa memikirkan cara untuk naik ke atas dan memijak orang lain dengan bangganya.

Yakinlah Dengan Keadilan Allah.
Allah menciptakan kita dengan pelbagai kelebihan. Masing-masing punya kelebihan yang tidak dimiliki oleh sebahagian yang lain. Tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah untuk melengkapkan sesama manusia. Kerana kita semuanya memerlukan antara satu sama lain.
Jika kawan kita pemarah, ada yang boleh sabarkannnya, jika kita pemboros, ada yang boleh mengawalnya, jika kita pemalas, ada yang akan menegur supaya jadi rajin. Jika kita tidak tahu, ada yang akan beritahu. Jika kita tahu, kitalah yang kena beritahu yang tak tahu.
Inilah bukti adilnya Allah menciptakan makhluknya yang sentiasa memerlukan dan tidak boleh hidup sendiri. Maka kita semua perlu saling menghormati kerana tidak satu pun di kalangan kita boleh hidup sendiri. Kita saling memerlukan. Aku memerlukan kamu. Dan kamu memerlukan aku.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Here we go.

Happy Monday people!!! 

Kick away that Monday blues and be happy at your work place though KL is soooo dark and gloomy outside. Mr Rain is coming i guess. It was so hard for me to fall asleep last night. My mind cant stop thinking on my plan for next year or to be exact OUR plan.

Yup. OUR referring to ComforterBiru and I. Well, i may not said this very clear before but we already have the date for our Big Day. Yesterday we went to see a few places for the reception. We plan to have it in a hall around Shah Alam. It was a good start and it got me excited about it. I know a lot of things to do and to think of that it might stress me out but nak kahwin. You have to la. Bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang senang kemudian. Gladly Comforterbiru is so participative, clearly because he is the other half, but when you do things together, it feels lighter and it seems like you will get this ( all the chaos, the leceh2 things and other problems to come ) through TOGETHER. 

Ill be talking about the BIG DAY plan a lot i think. Bridezilla Bride in the making.

Pray for us that the plan goes well. InshaAllah.

Fish Out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Comforterbiru is back and everything is back on track.

Work, work, and work.

Its time to start my study. P5 please be nice to me this time.

And for the Big Day, the green light is on. InshaAllah next year. Pray for us!!

The similarity of all the above, FOCUS is needed.


Fish Out!

Friday, September 9, 2011

2 days in counting.

Its Friday and i got a big smile on my face. Thats what my boss told me this morning. She can see that i am sooooooooo in a good mood today. (^_^). Well, its not solely because today is the last working day of the week but u-know-who will be here tomorrow night. *berbunga-bunga* I blogged about comforterbiru repeatitively and thats mean i cant get him out of my head.
Have A blessed Friday peeps!!

Selamat bersolat Jumaat. (^_^)

Fish Out!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Far from the eyes but always in the heart.

Comforterbiru went back to Tawau for Raya. After alomost two weeks of being apart, he will be back this Saturday. I've been counting the days since the day he left. We are together for more than 5 years now and I thought that 2 weeks of separation will feel nothing to me. Ill be okay of not seeing him for two weeks *TET* . I was wrong. 

Maybe I, at first, was trying to ignore the sad feeling and until before the day he departed, i succeeded.  It was the day of him flying off to his hometown. We were in the car on our way to the airport. I was feeling fine. Then he said to me, " dont worry k. Dua minggu jak. Pastu ayg balik." while touching my hair softly. Suddenly i felt my heart crushed and instead of responding romantically to him, i was shocked and pushed his hand away. " Kenapa ayg buat macam tu?!". Then i looked away and tears suddenly in my eyes. He was just smiling. I consoled myself at the airport and for a while i was okay. But again, i thought i was okay until i was trying very hard not to let my tears fall as i watched him went into the boarding room. ( to be frank, i was afraid if anyone saw me crying. LOL ). I blame him for making my two weeks miserable. :P

Its not that we have never been apart before. We even been apart for almost a year before and we survived the long distance relationship. :) . Alhamdulillah. So i thought 2 weeks were nothing.But, maybe we see each other a lot these days. We get used to see each other everyday. (^_^). These two weeks bring back the time when we were far apart from each other. The happy and excited feeling when i received his sms. The waiting for his sms. The romantic and all lovey dovey sms and calls until late night.Even skyping each other. I am glad and very happy that he still have that for me. It is glad to know it is still there. He still have the guy i met few years ago despite the fact we both matured and grow in love for all these years. I am happy with the love we have until now. And this two weeks apart makes us grow stronger and adding more sparks and love in our relationship. I pray that he is the one for me. I hope you too will find someone that truly understands and care for you. Cant wait to meet him this Saturday!!

p/s : next year, will be a dream come true. InshaAllah.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The big red F.

Failed my P5 exam last sitting. I saw it coming and i can handle it. Alas, the regret is there. I took it lightly, i did. The dissapointment of failing after u've tried your best is way better than the feeling of failing with you making micro effort in passing. At least u failed with pride. Shame on me.

As cliche as it sounds, DONT TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED. Fish Out!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

Happy Eid Mubarak Peeps!!!

Alhamdulillah i managed to fast for the whole Ramadhan. I dont have to puasa ganti and i can focus on my puasa nazar ive made a few years back. I better get it done before its too late. Life is always unpredictable and uncertain. I hope that i will live until the next Ramadhan. Its a beautiful month and full with blessings. It is indeed a very special month and the feeling is extraordinaire.This year, there is one thing about Ramadhan that i cant stop thinking of. Ive heard it from the radio. There is a day in Ramadhan, where our fate for next year is determined. Imagine it to be like this. The book of our life for the whole next year is updated on that day. It makes me wonder, what is in my book? Will i be as good as i was during Ramadhan ( baik jgk la.)? or will i repeat the same mistake next year? I just pray to Allah swt, to make me strong. To give me the blessings not to make the same mistake again. How wasteful life would be if we focus life in this temporary world and forgetting our life hereafter. Hidayah itu datang dari Allah swt dan saya berdoa agar hidayah itu sentiasa ada dan hati ini tidak akan mati dari megingati dan takut akan Allah swt. Semoga rasa insaf dan airmata untuk menangis kerana-Mu ya Allah sentiasa ada.