Saturday, July 11, 2009

my Sunday

as im writing this, he is on his way back here..he's only been away to the other side of Malaysia for a week but it was like hell for me. this morning i woke up with tears streaming down my cheeks. that stupid dream.hahaha. I dreamt of him. He was being forced to marry someone else. Thats why it was totally stupid. Blame my emotion and my hormones. Led all my worries into nightmare. In my dream he was going to make me his second wife!!! NIGHTMARE it is. i still can feel the pain. go away!!its just a dream. and tomorrow everything will go back to normal. Go out dating, go for a movie and lepak just as always. except for my sister will be joining us tomorrow. Im going to bring her jalan2 and tengok wayang. baru mau nonton transformer. outdated betul!!i think orang lain dah tengok berulang kali and i baru nak tengok. blame my gaji coz lambat keluar.

Balik ni main kerom lagi.

Friday, July 10, 2009


its been a while since my last not that busy but i dont know what to post about. So much different thing happened in my life lately. First and foremost, change in status-i have a full time job and now a part time student. working five days a week, waking up 6.30 in the morning and reach home at 6pm. surprisingly, its easier for me to wake up at 6.30 in the morning to work than at 10 am to class. Hehe. yet i still to worry bout my study. I really want to graduate with santie and my diploma classmates. InsyaAllah.

Another thing, im renting a house. A new thing for me. I am excited and im enjoying it. Im sharing the room with my sister. Its good to have my sister with me. She helps me a lot especially with the cleaning.HAHAHA. Im not bullying her, its just, she likes to do everything. sisters helps each other kan. :)

I miss my friends back in UiTM, but in the same time im not regretting of the choice i've made. I am glad i chose what i want to do. Moving towards a new life doesnt mean to leave and forget the past. Memories will always remain alive. :)