Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Whatever that means to you, i believe each of everyone of us have that hypocracy in our soul. What measures how bad it is, is how much it affects negatively on people around you. As for me, I dare to say that i am a hypocrite. I dont know about you if you want to deny it. But sometimes we have to be hypocrite when you dont want to hurt other people's feelings or you dont want to make things worse for you and your friend. Does that makes you bad?

How far that hypocracy influence your life?

How bad hypocracy will change you?

Time will tell.

Keep smiling eventhough deep down you are cursing. :)

Pedas Terlebih Asem.

Just finish dinner. Ikan asam pedas, terung+telur and fried chicken.
I cooked the asam pedas for the first time based on the menu i took from the internet. One thing why the internet is so useful. It gives people who is a cook dummy like me learn how to cook. It was my first trial and not to overjudge myself, but not bad lah for a first timer like me.its just asam pedasnya terlebih asam. I love asam pedas. Thats why l want to learn on how to cook asam pedas.

But i really want to learn how to cook Nasi Kuning from my future mummy in law. Orang melayu cakap, kalau mau memikat anak lelakinya, pikat melalui perutnya.hik2.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Maligayang Kaarawan to REINA aka BALQIS aka DAT2 aka MEEEEEE!!!!

Allah selamatkan saya..
Allah selamatkan saya..
Allah selamatkan REINA aka BALQIS aka DAT2 aka MEEEEEE..
Allah selamatkan saya..

Thanks for singing the song for me..Hehehehe...

Im 23 years old.
My achievement so far...hmmmm...:
1. Im working.
2. Im doing ACCA
3. Im able to give my parents $$ monthly

A lot of my dream list still not yet achieved.
1. still fat, not yet 48kg.
2. to own a car (coming soon)
3. byk lagi..tau lah manusia..mana pandai nak puas.

What did i get myself for my birthday?
1. Rebonding
2. thats all, no budget..

What my bf gave me for my birthday? He bought sate+nasi himpit+a bottle of pepsi for my birthday party of four, me,him,mu sis n cousin. of course i got the birthday song. the present?
He gave me two options and i have to choose between apple or blackberry (as if):
a) buy my own birthday prezzie, or
b) go to Sunway Lagoon with him of course...

And i choose blackberry but i also want the apple.

..yet there is still a lot awaits in the future.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday is a day full of laziness...:)

WARNING : this schedule was only meant for me and no intention to influence people towards

6.00 am : wake up

6.10 am : on lappy and layan Waka-waka in FB

8.3o am : went back to sleep

9.30 am : shower

9.45 am : waka-waka AGAIN.

9.55 am : went to 7e and stop by to buy breakfast...bought nasi lemak+donut+cekodok nangka

10.15 am : breakfast wit juk2(the cousin)

10.30 am : FB + waka-waka AGAIN.

12.30 pm : lunch..milo+cekodok nangka+donut..sambil2 tengok Hindustan tv2 yg tiada subtitle.

1.35 pm : currently...curik lappy jap fr my sis, tgok FB jap and writing blog

now : logging off to do house cleaning.
(padahal my sister dah naik tanduk..its her turn to use the lappy..hehehehe)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

P=Probation/Percubaan..or is it Perlahan??

I passed.

Gabra tahap dewa.

Tapi pass jugak. But the test wasnt a big deal.

The biggest challenge is to take the wheel on the road.

God please,please...

Biarlah perlahan, as long as i dont hit other car.


Monday, December 14, 2009


Tomorrow I am not working. I have driving test. Yup, at the age 0f 22 insyaAllah i will have my license(if i pass tomorrow).

I hope i wont be nervous tomorrow. It does contributes a lot to the road of failure.

I want to pass.

I just want to pass.

Then, the BF can say this to me:

God, help me. :)


very dheran with people like this. if pengotor only mess up their place, i dont care. why the hell i should?! tapi rumah pun tak pandai nak kemas, haram nak tengok dorang sapu rumah. Its been 6 mths staying with her, but no improvement at all. We all da kemas but without shame and respect,put her things all over the place again. IF TAK MAU TOLONG KEMAS RUMAH,TOLONG JANGAN SUSAHKAN ORANG LAIN BOLEH TAK?!

lepas masak, tolong la lap2 stove tu..makanan yg dah lama dlm peti sejuk tu,tlglaaaaaa kuarkan.berbau tau peti sejuk I.

aku ni pun pengotor jgk,tapi tak la sampai nak biarkan rumah berhabuk and berminyak sana-sini.

please la..
Jangan harapkan muka cantik tapi rumah macam tongkang pecah.

p/s : if la ditakdirkan org yg sewaktu dengannya membca post ini, maaf kan lah saya. lubuk hati saya dah tak tahan. harap2 anda dpt berubah k. Amin.