Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fat rice.

Its the last Saturday for OCtober 2010. Its not like im going to do something out of the ordinary today.

Ordinary Saturday, with me eating my favourite nasi lemak in Shah Alam. I used to have it for breakfast on weekdays at my old office but now since i work in KL, saturday is my only chance to have it. They are close on Sundays. Seriously, the best nasi lemak i found here. Perfectly delicious for my taste buds. The rice is steamed just nice, and the sambal,the best part of the nasi lemak, is not sweet, like most of nasi lemak in Selangor, and the smell is sooooo hauntingly good. Credits to Indra for introducing me to the hot nasi lemak.

I never had enough of it.TERBAIK!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Its been a while since my last post.  Yup, I admit I am not a consistent blogger and I am sure the percentage of people reading my blog is less than 1% or might also be 0%.  It doesn’t really matter . I always keep my feelings inside especially the negative ones and I know it is not healthy. It can eat you up alive. So, one way for me to erase all the bad feelings inside of me is to blog. Its kind of a therapy to  me. *hope I didn’t sound like Im having mental illness*.nope.
It’s a bit on how ive been doing lately. Still has not finish ACCA and still not taking exam this semester. However, I have a new job and and yes im no longer working in IDS. This one is located in the heart of KL. If you are wondering why I chose to work in a stressful place, well me myself not sure. Its simpler to say it this way, I am bored with my previous job and  young people always  hunger for more  experience and exciting things, I switched job with hopes that the new workplace will be more exciting and fun which in the end I found out that, since my job scope is no different from the lst one, well nothing change drastically. Still doing the same thing but adapting is a lot easier because u’re no longer a freshie.  You are able to work indepently without your superior to guide you 100%. You’ll be surprised of how much you actually know. 
The company im working with is a very well known company in Malaysia.  But it isn’t the big name that attracts me but as I have said, I expect  more growing opportunity and better royalty of course.  Merely because, its not my dream job and for now I wanna gain experience as much as I can and surviving life with the money I have whilst waiting myself to finish ACCA which I don’t know when. (^.^).  Life gotta move on eventhough u r not in right track of ur life plan. A man got a family to take care of.  Wherever life drags u, it happens for a reason. Allah knows whats best for each one of us. You just plan and let Allah handles it. Believe me, u’ll be safe. Even the birds in the sky have no worries and why do you have to?
Enough for today. Hopefully there will be a lot of life talk from me with the easy internet access. Thanks to you, sis!
Logging out and back to work. oh yeah, did i mention, my boss is fierce and unpredictable like the weather. She can be bright and shiny in one second and suddenly dark and gloomy. but,its nothing like i cant handle. ;p