Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A bit of here and there.

Hi there!!

Cant believe it is October. Exam in less than 8 weeks and  i am not making any progress. I am still stuck at chapter 1. Feels like kicking my own butt and screaming to my own ears " GO STUDY LAAAAA!! ". *sigh*

Anyhow, i had a road trip to Rompin to attend Jo's engagement. We had so much fun since it was our first road trip together. Congrats Jo!!! You are one step closer to you-know-what. oh ya, thanks for not langkah bendul me. LOL. Just kidding. I dont mind at all babe. Wedding is Allah swt bussiness. We never know who'll tie the knot first (^_^).

Now progress on my big day. So far i have done a lot of blogwalking even during working hours*lihat kiri kanan* . To my amazement, there are a lot of bride-to-be blogs that are so useful and very informative. Some B2Bs blogs are created mainly because of their wedding preps. Wow! It is a big relief. It gives me some ideas on where to start, what to do and i have found some creative and interesting DIYs for weddings too. I am getting more and more excited about this. 
As for a starter for my B2Bs story, i wanna talk about the venue. Comforterbiru and I have decided to do our big day in Dewan MBSA Seksyen 19 Shah Alam. Last night i went to meet the keeper and the rate is RM100/hr. Booking fee is RM400 which they will deduct RM200 for the cleaning fee and the balance of RM200 will be refunded after the wedding provided no damage done. A bit of explanation here. Eventhough it is an MBSA hall which should rate between RM300-RM450 per day but lately a few of MBSA halls including the one in Seksyen 17 and 19 has already been privatised. MBSA rented it out to a third party and the rate will be determined by the third party who maintains these halls. So that is why the rate is different from what you get from the MBSA web. My landlord is working in MBSA and what a big coincidence, in the Hall department. I wish it came across my mind a few weeks earlier because for a week or two i was trying to figure out what is the procedure for renting an MBSA hall. I am going to meet the keeper again to finalise the terms and conditions and if we agreed, then MBSA seksyen 19 it is!! 

p/s : Take a look at this. She DIY-ed the veil for her nikah and the hand bouquet too. KUDOS!!

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